(c) R. Mundzeck 2016
(c) R. Mundzeck 2016
Johanna Bartz traverso
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Johanna Bartz
Berlin Philharmonie 2013
Johanna Bartz
Dulzura Espiritual with Dianthus Ensemble & Anna Alàs i Jové, 2014
Johanna Bartz
C.P.E.Bach 2014
Johanna Bartz
C.P.E.Bach 2014



" ... Johanna Bartz lets her flute sing in expressive nuances ... "


Hans-Jürgen Becker, Badische Zeitung, June 2018



"A gem from a past age ... soft and tender, delicate ... full of emotions ... celebrated in stunning virtuosity ... Johanna Bartz performed brilliantly on the traverso."


Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung, review of "METAMORPHOSIS"/astrophil & stella, 05/2017




 "... Johanna Bartz brilliantly performed the flute solo in Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 ..."


H. Hofmann in Kieler Nachrichten, 15/08/2015




             "... Johanna Bartz mastered this piece in four movements with a mastery of the full compass of

       her instrument (up to a''')..."

 H. Hofmann in Kieler Nachrichten, 06/2015




"...With their fantastic way of playing and high mastery of historically informed performance practice ... the ensemble performed perfectly on authentic instruments, applying historical playing techniques and their knowledge of the means of expression of the baroque era. Not only as ensemble but as well as soloists Johanna Bartz, traverso, Dorothee Mühleisen, violin and Lea Rahel Bader, viola da gamba, proved that they are outstanding instrumentalists as well. ..."


Strelitzer Echo, 14/03/2015




      "... Tenor Matthias Deger presented his own composition… [which he] performed with soprano singer Maria Weber, accompanied by the subtle traverso playing of Johanna Bartz. ..."


Bruno Maury in Magazine Muse Baroque, 11/2014




" ... Hasse's Sonata afforded lovely opportunities for imaginative sighs of the flute in the adagio and vividly articulated figures in the faster movements. ...

 Katia Viel and Johanna Bartz fancily passed on the melodic motives to each other, and together with … Chani Leslaunier they unfurled in amusing imitation. ..."


 Willi Vogl in Die Oberbadische, 02/06/2014




"... Especially in this piece Johanna Bartz… proved her ability of natural fluency in her phrasing and her diligence for ornamental motives and dynamics. ... "


Martí Sancliment in Núvol – Diari de cultura, 12/02/2014




                                           " ... The solo parts in Bach's Brandenburg Concerto were mastered outstandingly

by Christian Handschke, violin, Elina Albach, harpsichord, and Johanna Bartz, flute. ..."




"... Brandenburg concerto Nr. 5… was very bright, especially the first movement, "Allegro", which was performed in an agile tempo. ...

The second movement "Affetuoso" sounded like a conversation between the flute, violin and harpsichord

and was presented very beautifully by Johanna Bartz, Christian Handschke and Elina Albach. ..."


Torgauer Zeitung, 07/08/2012




"... In B. Campagnoli's flute concerto soloist Johanna Bartz made her instrument sing      

                with effortless technique. ..."

 Strelitzer Echo, 05/05/2012




"With the young flutist Johanna Bartz we have been introduced to a master on the historical flauto traverso. Her sound is soft and charming, warm and pure, tender and sensitive, colourful and very differentiated, [her playing is] aware of style and expression. …"


Peter Buske in Das Orchester, 03/2012




"…On Saturday evening [Johanna Bartz’s performance of] the flute sonata in a minor by C.P.E. Bach amazed the entire audience. Alongside with pleasingly played scales came adventurous oscillations in the melody, lifting and breaking sections, as if new aesthetical ideas fought with the old ones.

Three times bravo!

 their performance wonderfully and easily played… their exuberant passion for early music catapulted the outmoded compositions as well as the audience with ease … right from the beginning of the concert into a youthful process of musical education. ..."


Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten, 05/03/2012




" ... The "Ensemble Baroque" played their instruments harmoniously and devotedly. ... The most applauded piece was a flute solo of C.P.E. Bach, played by Johanna Bartz. ..."


Märkische Allgemeine, 05/03/2012




     " ... Especially Johanna Bartz impressed the audience deeply with her transverse flute. ... She stands on the threshold of a promising artistic career. ..."

Bürgeler Anzeiger, 08/06/2011




" ... Johanna Bartz impressed the audience with works for traverso solo                  

                                        by C.P.E. Bach and G. P. Telemann. ..."

  Thüringische Landeszeitung, 06/2011




"... Johanna Bartz performed both on transverse flute and the modern flute. One has to be very courageous and flexible to play so well and easily on both instruments in one concert. Bartz proved that she was and she showed remarkable musical profoundness. ... The grand finale was the sonata for flute and harpsichord by Bach, played beautifully and in perfect harmony [with Jule Rosner]. ..."


Billerbecker Anzeiger, 05/2010